Osu crashed что делать

Osu crashed что делать

Файл osu!.exe из ppy является частью osu!. osu!.exe, расположенный в c:program filesosu!osu!.exe с размером файла 2480712 байт, версия файла, подпись e4342c6f0c6b3091c9073aea33d6bc87.

В вашей системе запущено много процессов, которые потребляют ресурсы процессора и памяти. Некоторые из этих процессов, кажется, являются вредоносными файлами, атакующими ваш компьютер.
Чтобы исправить критические ошибки osu!.exe,скачайте программу Asmwsoft PC Optimizer и установите ее на своем компьютере

1- Очистите мусорные файлы, чтобы исправить osu!.exe, которое перестало работать из-за ошибки.

  1. Запустите приложение Asmwsoft Pc Optimizer.
  2. Потом из главного окна выберите пункт "Clean Junk Files".
  3. Когда появится новое окно, нажмите на кнопку "start" и дождитесь окончания поиска.
  4. потом нажмите на кнопку "Select All".
  5. нажмите на кнопку "start cleaning".

2- Очистите реестр, чтобы исправить osu!.exe, которое перестало работать из-за ошибки.

3- Настройка Windows для исправления критических ошибок osu!.exe:

  1. Нажмите правой кнопкой мыши на «Мой компьютер» на рабочем столе и выберите пункт «Свойства».
  2. В меню слева выберите " Advanced system settings".
  3. В разделе «Быстродействие» нажмите на кнопку «Параметры».
  4. Нажмите на вкладку "data Execution prevention".
  5. Выберите опцию " Turn on DEP for all programs and services . " .
  6. Нажмите на кнопку "add" и выберите файл osu!.exe, а затем нажмите на кнопку "open".
  7. Нажмите на кнопку "ok" и перезагрузите свой компьютер.

Всего голосов ( 45 ), 21 говорят, что не будут удалять, а 24 говорят, что удалят его с компьютера.

Как вы поступите с файлом osu!.exe?

Некоторые сообщения об ошибках, которые вы можете получить в связи с osu!.exe файлом

(osu!.exe) столкнулся с проблемой и должен быть закрыт. Просим прощения за неудобство.

(osu!.exe) перестал работать.

osu!.exe. Эта программа не отвечает.

(osu!.exe) — Ошибка приложения: the instruction at 0xXXXXXX referenced memory error, the memory could not be read. Нажмитие OK, чтобы завершить программу.

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(osu!.exe) не является ошибкой действительного windows-приложения.

(osu!.exe) отсутствует или не обнаружен.


Проверьте процессы, запущенные на вашем ПК, используя базу данных онлайн-безопасности. Можно использовать любой тип сканирования для проверки вашего ПК на вирусы, трояны, шпионские и другие вредоносные программы.


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"Osu! crashed" . Ошибка при запуске, что делать ? и получил лучший ответ

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First of all thanks for making this great game, which I bought for the sole purpose of playing osu! beatmaps in VR.
Anyway I imported my favourite songs into the game, but most of them crash the game when loading it or midway. It’s very frustrating to play a song and then the whole thing crashes.

When it does, the HMD shows the SteamVR home (as if you had quit the game), but the music keeps playing in the background. On my monitor, the game window is frozen and it takes several clicks to exit the game, but in SteamVR it shows as if Holodance was still running.

I have yet to play more songs to see if it’s a widespread issue or something specific.
— Bad Apple (Chiptune Ver.) — freezes at the start of the song
— Battle! Yuxie, Emurit & Agnome — freezes midway
— Chocolate Disco (by James) — freezes midway

AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz
AMD Sapphire R9 Fury, latest drivers
Windows 10
SteamVR set up as Standing

I only tried one song in the main game and it was fine. I didn’t like having to high-five the dragon, it was outside my playing area and I almost hit something.

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Hi there, thank you for reporting these issues, this is very much appreciated! I’ve been sick in bed for a few days with a pretty nasty cold but will be back in the office tomorrow and should be able to test the beatmaps you have posted.

Can you send me the output_log.txt file in the game folder to jashan AT narayana minus games dot net? In other words, my first name @ our domain, which is http://narayana-games.net 😉

That file should be under Steam/steamapps/common/Holodance; maybe one level below that under Holodance_Data. If you don’t easily find it, let me know (I’m on a Mac here right now and can send you the specific path tomorrow when I’m on my development machines).

One more question regarding your specs: How much regular RAM do you have, and also: does this also happen directly after booting, when you didn’t open anything else but Steam? And: Does it happen in different environments (when entering the osu!-support, there is a dropdown list where you can select different environments)?

Ah, another thing you can try: When you pause the game, you can enable/disable the particle effects and some other things. If it does not happen when the particles are switched off, not only do you have a workaround but that would also validate my current theory that there’s a memory issue happening for you.

The issue with high-fiving Pritvitej is also concerning: We have recently done a fairly big overhaul of the whole introduction / level 1 animations and one of the objectives was making sure that everyone can highfive / fistbump Pritvitej even with small play areas / standing (or even seated). In our testing, this seemed to have been fixed but obviously, it’s still an issue.

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Maybe we need to give players a way to "extend" their dragon hands.

Bought this yesterday and my daughter and I are having a lot of fun. On the osu songs (which are very new to me), we can’t stand those slider things. Any chance of an option (perhaps via a checkbox option) to convert sliders to just regular beats that can be punched? Not only do they feel a bit strange in VR but their size blocks your view of beats behind them. The spinner things are no problem and aren’t terribly frequent in nature. As an aside, I’ve had no crashing problems as Plusi reported, but I’m only 1 day in.

Many thanks. Will be giving positive review!

Great to hear you’re having fun. We’ll be changing the visualization of the paths of the sliders in one of the next releases. The current path-visualization was never meant to stay this long but it’s not an easy task to do this right. Once that’s in, they won’t hide what’s coming behind.

Converting them into regular orbs via a setting is certainly something to consider. It’s a bit tricky because it really changes the mechanics. It’s actually my favorite mechanic in VR (but admittedly, not all of them work well, and not in all songs; we have a similar mechanic in the native beatmaps with full 3D "floating curves", so that’s something I’m really excited about — those will arrive in levels 4-6, including a little tutorial for this mechanic in level 4).

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